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General Rules of Conduct

All the learners enrolled in the college must adhere to following rules and regulations laid down by the college administration in letter and spirit in order to maintain discipline in the college.

  1. Every student attending the college shall necessarily have to wear the college uniform. In no case he or she shall be allowed to enter the college premises in casual wear.
  2. Wearing of precious jewelry and garments by girl students is strictly prohibited in the college.
  3. Use of mobile phones by the learners in the college premises is strictly prohibited and violators will have to face disciplinary action under rules.
  4. Students shall not be allowed to enter the college after 10:30 am and leave the college before 3:00 pm during academic session.
  5. Students shall always carry their identity cards with them and produce it as and when demanded.
  6. A student willing to leave the college during working hours should have proper permission from parents/guardian on the basis of which the discipline committee/ Dean students/Principal may permit him/ her to leave.
  7. No outsider/stranger or relative of any student is allowed to enter the college without a valid reason.
  8. Unlawful assembly of students in the college premises is banned.
  9. Writing on walls, sticking of bills or advertisements in the college premises is a cognizable offense.
  10. Ragging in any form is strictly banned under law. Whosoever directly or indirectly propagates ragging within or outside the campus is liable to be convicted or imprisoned as per the law.
  11. Any student found misbehaving or creating indiscipline in the college may amount to expulsion from the college.
  12. A student willing to cancel his/her admission from the college rolls can do so formally in writing and the application for withdrawal must be countersigned by his/her parents.
  13. The given rules can be changed, modified, or amended at the discretion of the college authorities.