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Department of Education


VISION: The department of education believes that real excellence in education demands a commitment to nurture updated knowledge initiatives besides remaining faithful to social, cultural, ethical and educated values.Creativity, critical reflection and deep knowledge serving as its foundation.

MISSION:   The department of education prepares students to the responsibility for citizenship and service in global community. This mission takes place in several ways. The department seeks to provide quality education to prepare students productive and responsive in the society and inculcate in them social and moral responsibility towards the society. The department on regular basis seeks to engage its learners in various diversions, skill development segments and a variety of other activities.


The faculty of education has been prosperous with an incredible past under a fortunate leadership of the renowned academicians. we are wearisome in our own approach to expand an exceptional teaching – learning milieu to all who join us as students. This faculty has a dream, apparition and a mission. We hope to construct up a situation in which students find a mammoth vent to their creative, imaginative and innovative talent. Our skill enhancement courses are just another name of quality education. The department prepares students to be leaders in various fields of life, policy and practice. The department has an excellent adjustment record of students absorbed in various universities of the state as well as outside the state for various PG and Research programmes.

The department has been a centre of brilliance in education from its inception. The effort and the obligation of the department towards quality education can be estimated from the fact that our students are qualifying PG Entrance and other competitive examinations. The demand ratio of the programmes run by our department is very high. Our commitment is to provide intellectually rich and supportive environment to the students in order to develop their talents. Our concern is to in students the social awareness   and social responsibility. The teachers prepare lesson plan regularly, hold small and long group-discussions in the classes, use peer group learning situations and encourage students to take up relevant and need based courses.


  1.  Programme outcome

       The outcome of the various courses that the department offered since it’s inception remain numerous such as ;  students develop the qualities of leadership, develop the habit of creative thinking, broad vision and besides this various students got adjusted in various fields of life.


  1. Attainment of Programme outcome

 The department attained various things through the courses that it offered among which some of the important ones are as follows:

  1. Quality of education got enhanced a lot .
  2. Students got skillful knowledge and practice through various skill enhancement courses.

3. students develop broad mental health, broad vision, dynamic thinking, updated knowledge regarding various fields and challenges of life and also develop a healthy standard of life



S.No Nature of posts Number
1 Teaching staff 02
2 Non-teaching staff 0
3 Assisting staff 0
4 Lab assistant 0
5 Total 02


S.No Name / Mobile/Email ID Designation Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience Photograph and CV attached
1 Dr. Baby Bilquees Associate Professor (HOD) PhD 20 years
2 Dr. Sobia Bazaz Ex-AA Lecturer PhD
4. Prof. Riyaz Ahmad/ Professor M. A M Phil Educational psychology

Educational philosophy

29 years
5. Miss waheda yousuf / Ex-AA Teaching Assistant M.A. M Phil B.Ed Educational sociology

Educational technology

10 years
6. Mr Tariq Ahmad Ahanger

Ex-AA Lecturer M.A M.Ed NET Educational philosophy

Classroom management

Educational psychology

4 years





S.No Title of the course Semester Core course /skill enhancement course Link to the syllabus
1 Educational sociology I Educational Sociology/nil View Syllabus
2 Educational Psychology II Educational psychology/nil View Syllabus
3 Educational philosophy III Educational philosophy/ ECCE View Syllabus
4 Development of education system in India IV Development of education s system in India / Educational technology View Syllabus
5 Issues and trends in contemporary Indian education -I V Issues and trends in contemporary Indian education –I View Syllabus
6 Issues and trends in contemporary Indian education -II VI Issues and trends in contemporary Indian education –II View Syllabus




The objective(s) of the programmes being offered by the department includes:

  1. Moral development of student(s)
  2. To develop ethical sense among students
  3. To develop creative vision among students
  4. To develop leadership qualities
  5. To prepare the student(s) for the future challenges of this global and digital society.



Gender Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Total
Boys 69 Presently not on rolls 110 120 296
Girls 120     = 362 163 654
Total 189    = 472 283 944


S.No Description Ratio
1 Teacher – student 1:80