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The Department

The undergraduate department of Environmental Science is one of the largest departments of the college which strives tirelessly as a team so that our young students may evolve into future guardians of the environment. The Department has been working since 2005, ever since the foundation of this college. Till date the Department has been successfully able to infuse environmental sensitivity among hundreds of its students in particular and masses in general by way of conducting various programs like seminars, debates, essay and painting competitions, rallies etc. In order to inculcate environmental compassion among students, the college has established an Eco-Club where students from varied subjects and streams unite to undertake the environmental activities voluntarily under the guidance of their teachers and mentors. Currently, the teaching of Environmental Science is mandatory for 1st and 2nd Semesters in all the streams offered in the college. The subject is taught under CBCS scheme as per the guidelines of UGC and Kashmir University. The Department also offers skill enhancement courses including Sustainable Energy Development in 3rd Semester and Disaster Management in 4th Semester. In addition to this, a certificate course in Environment and Sustainability is also offered.

HOD – Message

Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream has been poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.

Welcome to the department of Environmental Science, Government Degree College Pattan. The importance of environment and environmental studies cannot be undermined especially in the current scenario when the planet Earth is plagued by a multitude of environmental problems. The main objective of this department is to make students conscientious and compassionate towards environment and environmental protection so that they may develop stewardship qualities essential for the sustainable growth of nature and natural resources. Environmental Science is regarded as the most relevant discipline in the contemporary world. It is a multidisciplinary academic field which systematically studies human interaction with the environment for designing solutions to the local and global environmental issues. The key to all the environmental solutions lies in spreading awareness about the importance of environmental processes including natural resources, biodiversity, ecosystems, pollution etc at the grass root level. At the Department of Environmental Science, we believe that we have not inherited this earth from our ancestors but have borrowed it from our future generations and as such we ought to handover a better, cleaner, greener, healthier and a sustain-ably developed world to our children by way of connecting them to nature and environment at grass root levels in classrooms and fields as well.

Dr. Asiya Nazir Khan

Program Outcome: After successful completion of the program students will be able to:
• Identify and devise solutions for global environmental problems.
• Develop a deep connect with nature and natural processes.
• Disseminate awareness regarding environmental issues hence acting as the agents of change.
• Help in attaining a sustainable future for the planet Earth.
Program Specific Outcome: A comprehensive understanding towards contemporary and futuristic environmental issues thereby evolving and generating their remedies and solutions for a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.
Course outcomes for the specific program offered by the department: In addition to its regular compulsory course for 1st and 2nd semesters, the under graduate Department of Environmental Science offers following programs:

  • SEC Sustainable Energy Development (BG 3rd Semester)
  • SEC Disaster Management(BG 4th Semester)

Certificate Course in Environment and Sustainability

Course outcomes of Sustainable Energy Development SEC:
  • Evolving basic skills for development of alternate sources of energy
  • Switching over to renewable sources of energy
  • Reducing the anthropogenic pressure on non renewable sources of energy
  • An overall reduction in the ecological footprint for a sustainable future.
Course outcomes of Disaster Management SEC:
  • Developing a basic comprehension of the natural and human induced disasters
  • Skill enhancement for dealing in the events of emergency
  • Disaster risk reduction at grass root level
  • Individual and collective pre and post disaster preparedness
Course outcomes of Certificate Course in Environment and Sustainability:
  • Imparting a fundamental know how about disaster and emergency response
  • Knowledge of sustainable growth techniques which are less polluting and in coherence with nature
  • An adequately informed student who can make the best use of available bio resources for ecological and economic growth
  • An aware citizen who can identify the potential threats related to food safety in his surroundings and play a crucial role in keeping his family and society safe.


Attainment of Goals:

The faculty works tirelessly towards attainment of the program and course objectives.

  • Internal evaluations are carried by the Department on a regular basis.
  • Assessment tools include:
  • Tutorials
  • Surprise tests
  • Group discussions
  • Class presentations
  • Assignments
  • Class attendance
  • These tools are used to monitor the growth and level of student comprehension which act as a solid bedrock for achieving the goals.

Staff Strength

Assisting Staff

S.No Description Number
1 Teaching 02
2 Non-Teaching 00
3 Assisting Staff 01
4 Total 03

Staff Members

S.No Name Designation Qualification Experience Contact Email CV
1 Dr. Asiya Nazir Khan Assistant Professor Ph.D, NET 09 Years  asiyashereen@yahoo.co.in
2 Mr. Shabeer Ahmad Dar Ex-Academic Arrangement M.Phil, NET, SET 07 Years

Student Enrollment

GENDER Semester I Semester II Semester  III Semester V TOTAL
Boys         497      497
Girls   587
Total 1084 1084