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National Service Scheme

              It expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless community service. There are two NSS units in the college each with strength of about 100 volunteers. All these units work under the supervision and guidance of trained faculty members, known as Programme officers. Enrollment for NSS is carried out at the beginning of the academic session. Applications are invited and selection is carried out by the NSS advisory committee. It is important to mention here that college NSS unit recruits both boys and girl volunteers. NSS volunteers are expected to put in at least 120 hrs. Of social community service during the academic session and also attend a minimum of one camp of 10 days to become eligible for a certificate. An annual camp for NSS volunteers is held every year generally during summer break, at college and university level. The volunteers actively engage activities of social utility like plantation drive, college campus cleaning, donation camps and holding public awareness campus about drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and other social evils from time to time.