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The Department of Urdu has the unique honor to be one of the first departments to start functioning since the initiation of the college in 2005.It offers multifaceted courses in Urdu as per prescribed syllabus of University of Kashmir. The department has also started offering Urdu Literature as a separate subject since 2016, thereby providing an ample choice to students to opt for Urdu as a course of study at higher education level. It has a good record of student enrollment and pass-out percentage.


All the progress of mankind is a result of literary vision. No discipline of life can play a constructive role for progress of human societies without a literary vision as its third eye. By keen study of history and society, you can easily know that the nations which made distance from literature become spiritually unproductive, uncreative, dispersed and waste-lands. Literature makes human beings more rational and sensible. Department of Urdu has been visionary in its role to develop an uplifted society socially, spiritually and ethically.


The Department of Urdu has a mission to make the youth rational and sensible with literary values. Future generation is not only hope of existence of the nation but they will also play a role of touch stone on future of global village. The founders of Department of Urdu have always dreamt to make this world a mini paradise with all beauties, love and peace. The department has a mission to forward, add and disseminate this deep knowledge of world literature trespassing language barriers and developing students for a better world.

HOD – Message

Jammu and Kashmir is the only state where Urdu has the status of official language. Urdu is the lingua franca of all the three regions of the state. Thus, it remains always important to acquaint the young generation with the learning and understanding of Urdu language and literature. The department makes continuous efforts to inculcate among the students all the four aspects of the language that is; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Our focus is to make the new generation aware of the rich cultural diversity of the valley in particular and the country in general through the Urdu language and literature.

Programme outcome:

Students will gain knowledge of the major traditions of literatures written in the national and international languages like Hindi ,Urdu, Kashmiri, Dogri, Balti ,Gojri English for the diversity of literary and social voices within–and sometimes marginalized by–those traditions. They will develop an ability to read texts in relation to their historical and cultural contexts, in order to gain a richer understanding of text and context, and become more aware of themselves historically and culturally.


Programmes (B.A)

Students interested in Urdu Language can opt for the following areas:

  • Professional Writing.
  • Media & Journalism.
  • Teaching profession.
  • Film Industries.
  • Proof Reader.
  • News Reader.


Course outcome:

(Course B.A Sem.1st.(compulsory Urdu)

By the end of this course the students will be able to:

  • Learn the art and style of writing essays.
  • Read Urduprose, to know famous Urdu writers and their famous works.
  • Know famous Urdu Gazals,poets,their poetry and its special features.

Course B.A Sem. 2nd. MIL URDU:

By the end of this course the students will be able to:

  • Write essays in Urdu.
  • Know about Urdudrama, dramatists and their contribution in Urdu literature.
  • Get opportunity to read and comprehend specialty of Urdu Gazals.
  • Learn to read and write Urdu poems (Nazam).

Course B.A Sem.3rd.Urdu literature:

By the end of this course the students will be able to

  1. Get knowledge about history of Urduliterature, its meanings and importance of majorUrdu dialects.
  2. Understand the different views about Urdu language and expansion of urdu language.
  3. Learn and grasp the essence of Urdu poetry, prose, stories, short stories and novels.
  4. Learn about the major contribution of famous Urdu writers.

Course B.A Sem.4th.Urdu literature:

By the end of this course the students will be able to:

  • Know about Urdu literature with its historical perspective.
  • Different views about Urdulanguage.
  • Gain knowledge about major dialects of Urdu language.


Course B.A Sem. 5th.Urdu literature:

By the end of this course the students will be able to:

  • To know about origin and development of criticism.
  • Know about the famous Urdu critics.
  • To know about the some aspects of criticism.
  • To know about how to analyse prose and poetry.


Course B.A Sem. 6th.Urdu literature

By the end of this course the students will be able to:

  1. Learn about the life and contribution of Allama Iqbal in Urdu Literature.
  2. Read and learn about the famous poet Allama Iqbal.
  3. Learn what is Ilm-e-Bayan (Literary device sand its types), Takti(Understand & exercise poetic meter)
  4. To know about self -realization.


Attainment of Programme outcome, programme specific outcome, and course outcome are evaluated of  the department/ institution:

Program Outcomes of all the programs are identified at the National Level by the concerned accrediting agency. Before this process, the educational institution inculcates certain qualities among the stakeholders.

Course Outcome:

The course outcome helps the stakeholders to manage the resources effectively to the maximum extent. This creates path to improve the processes continually.

Program Outcome:

For every degree program, expectations are listed out by the institution under the program outcomes. This enables the stakeholders to identify and analyze complex problems. They also learn to design solutions for the problems to meet the specified needs with appropriate consideration for the cultural, societal and environmental well being. They learn to use research based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of the information to provide valid conclusions. This is followed by the modern tools of usage, which they select and apply with an understanding of the limitations. They apply reasoning and understand the impact of the solutions in societal and environmental context. Students learn to apply ethical principles and become committed to professional ethics and responsibilities. They learn to communicate effectively with society and  are able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation. Also, make effective presentation and give and receive clear instructions, understand the importance of critical thinking, social interaction, effective citizenship, ethics, environment and sustainability. Ultimately, they acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning.

Program Specific Outcomes:

The stakeholders understand the nature and basic concepts of Urdu language and Literature. Based on these outcomes, the stakeholders learn goal-setting, problem solving techniques and decision making. The institution evaluates the stakeholders as class toppers, college rank holders and best outgoing students. The program outcome and program specific outcome are measured by conducting class test after the completion of each unit, and by conducting exams in a semester. The attainment of students is also measured by surprise test, asking spontaneous questions, group-discussions MCQ’s, mini-debates, lecture and so on.

Staff Strength

S.No. Nature of Posts Number
1. Teaching Staff 02
2. Non-Teaching Staff Nil
3. Assisting Staff 01
4. Lab Assistant Nil
5. Total 03


Head of the Department

Aagah Syed Mudasir, HoD

“Urdu hai jiska naam hum jantay hain Dagh, saare jahaan mai dhoom humari zabaan ki hai”
Dagh Dehlvi


S.No Name / Mobile/Email ID Designation Qualification Specialization Teaching Experience Photograph CV attached
1. Aagha Syed Mudasir



Assistant professor M,A .NET Urdu Gazal 02 Years
2. Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Lecturer (Academic Arrangement) PhD
3. Dr.Farooq Ahmad Wani
EX-Lecturer (Academic Arrangement) M.A,B.Ed,



4. Dr .Mehraj Uddin Dar7006411623


Ex-Lecturer (Academic Arrangement) M.A.Ph,D URDU TANQUEED 04 YEARS
5. DR GULZAR AHMAD MIR9797144408


Ex-Lecturer (Academic Arrangement) M.A,B.Ed,

M.Ed. ,Ph.D

6, Waheed Ahmad lone9596855336


Ex-Lecturer (Academic Arrangement) M.A, NET Fiction 11 years

Student Enrollment


S.No. Title of the Course Semester Core Course/ Skill Enhancement Course Syllabus
01 Urdu Mil 1st Techeniques of urdu writing View Syllabus
02 Urdu literature 1st Urdu poetry View Syllabus
03 Urdu Mil 2nd Origin of urdu language View Syllabus
04 Urdu literature 2nd Classical Genres of urdu poetry View Syllabus
05 Urdu literature 3rd Urdu fiction View Syllabus
06 SEC 3rd Urdu  Translation View Syllabus
07 Urdu literature 4th Non fiction View Syllabus
08 SEC 4th Urdu afsana View Syllabus
09 Urdu litrrature 5th  LITERARY HISTORY AND CRITICISM View Syllabus
10 Urdu literature 6th DISCIPLINE SPECIFIC ELECTIVES (DSEs) View Syllabus


Urdu is the official language of J&K as such it plays a vital role in the development of national harmony and act as a bridge for different language of J & K. Indeed it is the most common medium of instructions and communication. The Department of Urdu is thus the mother department of the Languages.

  • To guide the students of U.G in-depth research of Urdu Language and Literature for ascertainingmulti faceted values of different ages.
  • To explore old and new horizons of Urdu literature pertaining to prose, poetry and criticism
  • To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.
  • To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Urdu to meet the future needs of educational institutes or industry.


GENDER Semester I Semester II Semester  III Semester V TOTAL
Boys   480 70 56 606
Girls   438 90 57 585
Total   918 160 113 1191



S.No Year of Pass-Out Semester Number of Students
1. 2013 Final Year Not Available
2. 2014   350
3. 2015   307
4. 2016   290
5. 2017   60
6. 2018 5th and 6th 366



S.No Name of the Student Current Status of the Student
1. Suhail Ahmad Dar Teacher
2. Javid Ahmad Bat Teacher
3. Ashiq Ahmad Bhat Teacher
4. Mukthyar Ahmat Bhat SPO
5. Gulzar Ahmad Bhat Teacher
6. Sajad Ahmad Dar Teacher
7. Sadaf Jan Pursuing P.G in Urdu at University of Kashmir
8. Suraiya Nazir Pursuing P.G in Urdu at University of Kashmir